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[COURSE] – Foundational Drum Loop Basics

My music course Foundational Drum Loop Basics teaches you how to build powerful drum loops.

In addition, you will learn about Safe Spots. (A book I wrote on Amazon teaching you about sound placement within drum loops.)

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Foundational Drum Loop Basics

This course breaks down many topics in regards to building good drum loops:

  • Slideshow Covering The Tools We Have Available to Create Powerful Drum Loops
  • Breaking Down a Pre-Created Drum Loop to See the Available Techniques
  • How to Build an Urban Beat Drum Loop
  • How to Build a Dance Track Drum Loop
  • Understanding How Tempo Can Effective a Drum Loop’s Emotion
  • Tips to Create Effective Drum Loops
  • Learn About Organic Tools Available to Shape and Mold a Drum Loop
  • Be Introduced to Safe Spots (The book stemmed from this course!)

If you’re struggling with your drum loops, this course will open your eyes to the tools you have available to you.

Probably the biggest thing you’ll learn from taking this course is seeing the free tools that are built into your DAW giving you full control over creativity of a drum loop.

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