I have released a new course: FL Studio Mixer Workflow.

Let me start with this:

Understanding the mixer is the key to your growth as a music producer.

Understanding how audio signal routing works, setting up sends and parallel processing, color-coding for easy management; these will allow you to be more creative, produce better results, and work much faster in your DAW.

To view this course, use the button below:

FL Studio Mixer Workflow

It’s important to know and understand the mixer in-depth if you want to advance as a producer. Some of my most creative sounds have been found by routing my audio around the mixer with complexity.

Here’s what we cover in the course:

  • What is an Audio Mixer, and How Does a DAW’s Digital Mixer Compare to an Analog Mixer
  • Audio Routing and Shortcuts for a Fast Workflow
  • How to Break Apart Patterns in FL Studio, Properly Color-Code Them for Easy Management, and Route Them to the Mixer
  • What are Subgroups / Sends, and How Do They Work in Music Production
  • Taking Audio Effects to Another Level With Our Subgroups / Sends
  • Breaking Down a Solid Mindset When Mixing
  • A Paper and Pencil Walk-through of How Audio Works when Dealing with Series vs. Parallel Processing
  • Setting Up Sends and How to Mix with Sends
  • [BONUS] – Sidechain Compression Set Up + Tips

Hope this one is an invaluable tool to you,

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