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[COURSE] – Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats

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    I have created a course on the Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats.

    In this music production course, you will gain insight on how to get started making beats, and what equipment you need to make beats.

    This course is 100% free as a promotion to my course membership site. If you’d like more, you can purchase a membership.

    Gain Access:

    Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats

    We cover tons of topics from:

    • What’s the Best DAW, and What to Know About Your DAW
    • What Type of Sounds and VSTs are the Best to Make Beats
    • What’s the Best MIDI Keyboard, and What Features Are Necessary in a MIDI Controller
    • What Exactly Does an Audio Interface Do, and What’s the Best Audio Interface Brand to Buy
    • The Difference Between Speakers and Monitors, and Why Reference Monitor Speakers are Necessary for a Home Studio
    • Building a Custom Computer for Music Production
    • Are Headphones Necessary for Producing Music, and What are Some Good Headphone Brand Names
    • A Basic Overview of Microphones
    • Various Other Tidbits about Music Production Tips and Secrets

    Over my years, I’ve made some good and poor purchasing decisions.

    In this course I break down all the gear required for a solid home studio set up, allowing you to make wise purchasing decisions but also purchasing music production gear which actually suits you and your workflow.

    My goal of this course is to relay my experiences onto you so you can purchase the right gear, save money, and also have that gear suit you and your workflow!


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    GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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