Setting up a subwoofer to studio speakers is actually quite easy, but just like most things in life, it’s the fact of learning how to do it, then it’s easy! 😉

This is definitely something I struggled with when starting up!

At times, it’s very hard to find the exact information you are looking for on the internet. So I made this video to help you out!

A good beginner subwoofer for new producers is the Yamaha HS8s Studio Subwoofer:

Connections of a Subwoofer — The Back,

SBX10 Back

The back of most subwoofers look like this.

They provide you with lots of different options of inputs. Whether you want to plug in TRS 1/4″, XLR, or, RCA. M-Audio’s SBX 10 provides you with tons of inputs to choose from, plus, provides you with a pedal switch, allowing for turning off and on the subwoofer when you want! (Very nice!).

Connections of an Audio Interface — The Back,

My Fast Track Pro Back

The back of an audio interface, usually, has a bunch of inputs to plug into. Whether this be TRS 1/4″, RCA, MIDI, or S/PDIF.

To make things easy, get a TRS 1/4″ cable, and plug it into 1 and 2 of the audio interface! This will go directly to the subwoofer. From there, you will need two more TRS 1/4″ cables, going from the subwoofer, to the speakers.

Type of Cables Needed,

My TRS 1.4'' Close

Personally, I use TRS 1/4″ cables. I purchased these from for like $5!

Find out more info on the cables here.

And that’s it! For your home studio set up, you will just need your reference monitor speakers, a subwoofer, two TRS 1/4 cables, and an audio interface!

Make sure to install the drivers for the audio interface, and you should be good to go!