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Cloning Tracks in FL Studio

Have you ever been making beats, and after you make that catchy drum loop, realize.. you should of made it longer because you now want to change just one note in your loop?

This is where cloning in FL Studio comes in handy !


FL Studio - Cloning

Cloning tracks within FL Studio is very easy. (How ever, I would recommend getting color coordinated with them. They can easily become confusing, forgetting which is which ;).

So, if you’re wondering how cloning can help you, or how you can use it to your benefit, let’s go over that!

Cloning can help you by,

  • Not having to re-click your pattern on a separate pattern, just for one note to change!
  • Changing up your patterns and not having repetitive loops over and over.
  • Makes it VERY easy to change up your track — it’s a matter of CLONE, and change the notes around!

For example, you may have your kick playing on a certain pattern, but once in awhile you want to mix up how the kick is playing (Maybe even add a layer on your drums at a certain time!).

Using cloning is a perfect way to literally take that pattern, and change it, without having to re-click the pattern back in. You can now add-to the pattern, or EASILY take out!

Helpful Cloning Pictures,

Here’s the original picture:

FL Studio - Cloning Pattern 1

Now, here is the same pattern, but we cloned it, and added to it.

FL Studio - Cloning Pattern 2

Looking at the Pictures,

The first image was simple. Three kicks in a syncopation pattern.

But, on the last bar of my beat, I felt I needed to make that kick a little faster to let the listener know we’re coming into something bigger (such as the chorus!). Therefore, I cloned the pattern, and added in a couple extra kicks!

Now instead of me having to re-click those three main kicks from the previous pattern, I simply cloned and added to the pattern, making it a very easy change. (This works great for percussion loops as well, where you have lots going on, and you just want to change 1-2 things in the loop). Simplified, and easy :).

Organization in FL Studio — Coloring,

Now when cloning, things can get a bit confusing!

Wait.. was that the cloned or the original pattern..?

So how do you fix this? — A simple solution!

Go to your pattern, and Hit F2! A box will come up allowing you to rename and colorize your pattern. (See pics):

Either hit F2 or Pattern Arrow Rename/Color

FL Studio - Cloning (Rename)

Type in your Pattern Name and CLICK THE BOX to choose a color!

FL Studio - Cloning (Colorize)

Hopefully this will now make it easy for you guys to spice up your tracks, by cloning, rather than having repetitive loops over and over! — Plus, making it easier for editing.

Check out more tutorials by Beatstruggles!



GratuiTous runs a FL Studio training platform, and has taught beatmaking with FL Studio since 2011! He was an electrician for 10 years in Canada, and loves learning best practices of beatmaking! Learn about GratuiTous. ๐Ÿ‘‰
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