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Chopping Up Drum Loops in Slicex

To be a well-rounded producer, it’s always good to practice new techniques and genres. For example, there’s sampled-based beats, and then there’s original compositions. Which one is your favourite to create, and which one do you think you’re better at? — You may now have something to practice ;).

In this tutorial, I will introduce to you a little background on what Slicex is, how to use it, and some tips to making beats easier.

Slicex, a Very Awesome Slicer/Chopper


When I first started up, I would try to sample out of Edison, and click-and-drag my slices into the FPC.. While I thought I figured out the best way to sample, I later found out about Slicex; realizing, I was doing things the hard way.

Simply click and drag any audio file into Slicex for easy editing or slicing. You are now on your way to easy chops over your beats.

Adding Effects for Easy Loop Creation

Aux-Sends - FL Studio

I have already talked about adding effects onto sounds to make it easier when making loops, and there is no difference here with sampling inside of Slicex.

When sounds are dry (no effects on them), personally, I feel this makes the sound stop too quickly. Now the trick is to apply your effects so they are too noticeable while creating your loop, but once you’ve created the loop that suites your track, just dial in the amount of effects you need!

Creativity Can Flow, Non-Pitched Sounds

Now, when taking an individual sample, loading it into FL’s step sequencer, and playing notes up and down on your MIDI keyboard, this can give you cool sounds, but it’s a different approach than loading a loop into a slicer like Slicex, and using your MIDI keyboard to play sounds in their normal pitch.

This makes editing and clicking notes in the piano roll much more random as well, giving you unique and pleasant results many times!

As you can see later in the video when I start to build a beat, I do some creative things in the piano roll. I found it too hard to play something cool with my MIDI keyboard, so I tried pasting in notes. I think it turned out great :).

If you want more tutorials on Slicex, simply click here. I have a video showing How to Use Slicex to Chop Vocals Over Beats.

What’s InstraVocals?

InstraVocals Vol. 1 - GratuiTous

InstraVocals is a vocal beat tape I released a few months back. It features 6 tracks where I took vocals from my older albums, chopped up words over new beats, and came up with some interesting results! (The tutorial about “How to Chop Up Vocals Over Your Beats” is something to watch if this sounds interesting to you!).

And if you’d like more info on InstraVocals, you can simply visit here.

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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