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Change Logo on PayPal Checkout Page [April 1, 2017]

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I was in search of how to change my logo on my PayPal checkout page for over 30 minutes! My current image was HUGE, making for a really unprofessional look.

So after sifting through their menus for awhile, I finally found where we can change our business logo on the PayPal checkout page. (Note, I am on a business account. This may be different depending on your account type!)

Follow these steps:

  • Once logged into PayPal, click the User / Profile Icon, and select Profile and settings
  • Under the tab, My business info, click update by Business Information
  • You’ll be directed to a company overview page, which you will see a circle to update your logo. I found a max width of 350px by about 80px height was a decent fit.

Hope setting up your PayPal logo on your checkout page looks professional now! 🙂

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