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MailChimp Sent Me Some Socks! ?

Because I’ve been working with a lot of automation on my email provider (MailChimp – that’s how I send you emails), they started to give a gift promoting their automation on free accounts now. They sent a promo...

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Skate Time! [My Gear Page]

I’ve released a page showing all my current gear. If you have any questions with any of the products I’ve listed, I’ve left the comments open on that page, so feel free to drop a comment! I bet you didn’t...

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New Course Soon! [Organic Beats]

A new music course is in the works. It will be called – Organic Beats, my music course, is now released! The idea behind the course is to record one single note off a real instrument and create a whole composition out of...

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Hey, I’m GratuiTous !
I create music production courses enabling you to create better beats.