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Online Business

How to Backup Multiple Slicex Loops in FL Studio

This morning I woke up to a tweet from a customer who recently purchased one of my courses that teaches you all about my own …

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The Ultimate Guide to Backing Up Your Songs in FL Studio 20

How to backup FL Studio 20 projects, files, and prevent missing files for the long-term. Simply use Project data files!

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Uploading Music to DistroKid.com to get on iTunes, Spotify etc.

Learn how to get your music onto Spotify and iTunes with the Online Music Distribution service called DistroKid.com

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why beat tapes are the new way

Why Beat Tapes are the New Way for Producers to Market Them Self

Beat tapes are my favorite way to brand myself as a producer. Single beat releases get lost in the crowd, but a beat tape shows what you’re capable of. Beat tape marketing keeps anticipation to old fans, and lets new fans download your older volumes!

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