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Music Business

Music Business

Supporting Yourself Financially as a Music Producer

Did you know I was an electrician for 10 years here in Canada, while doing music production on the side? Watch this video to learn how you can support yourself financially as a music producer!

Music Business

How to Prepare for a Beat Tape Launch

Music Business

Uploading Music to DistroKid.com to get on iTunes, Spotify etc.

Learn how to get your music onto Spotify and iTunes with the Online Music Distribution service called DistroKid.com

why beat tapes are the new way
Music Business

Why Beat Tapes are the New Way for Producers to Market Them Self

Beat tapes are my favorite way to brand myself as a producer. Single beat releases get lost in the crowd, but a beat tape shows what you’re capable of. Beat tape marketing keeps anticipation to old fans, and lets new fans download your older volumes!

Music Business

Should You Add Voice Tags in Your Beats?

Adding voice-tags over your beats copyrights them, brands your name, as well as gives your listener a place to find out more about you.

Music Business

Do You Have a Newsletter?

Learn to use a newsletter effectively to market to your fans and customers in music production.

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