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What’s the Best Way to Control Volume in FL Studio – Channel Rack or the Mixer?

I had a member ask a question about volume inside FL Studio. Should you use the Channel Rack or Mixer to control a sound’s volume …

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How to Make Your Snares Better and Sound Wider

In this tutorial, we discuss how to achieve wider snares. I’ve shared two common ways to achieve a wider snare sound: Stereo Enhancement Plugins Layering …

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Using Compression as a Beatmaker

Compression is probably THE TRICKIEST tool you can use as a producer/musician.

It not only takes time to learn how a compressor works as a tool, but it also takes time to train your ear to know what to listen for.

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Techniques to Use Reverb Powerfully in Your Music

Learn how to use reverb with these pro tips! We start with parallel routing, move into why using a low cut filter is effective on reverb, why a reverb’s predelay can make a difference, and a bonus tip to make you aware you can sidechain compress your wet signals!

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