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Did you know if you don’t launch your music career right the first time, you may never recover from the humilation?

Seriously, it happened to me!

The music business is all about selling yourself..

And sadly.. most of us don’t know a thing about selling!

The First Piece of REAL Advice..

Do not share your music until you’re ready.

If you share your music too soon with friends, family, or the public, they instantly form THEIR opinion of your music..

You may never recover if you don’t launch right!

Remember these wise words.. too bad I didn’t know this..

There’s a time and place to share your music, and tell people that you make music. Most of the time, people do not care! It’s all about TIMING, and talking to the right audience who is actually interested.. that’s the secret to successful marketing!

Let that soak in..

Is your music ready? (Only you know!)

So here’s the eBook.. and a free lesson from the platform!

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