You Don’t Need Millions of Sounds as a Producer

Producers need very high-quality sounds..

But we don’t need tons of them!

I tell students this is what we need in sounds:

Quality is simple.. sounds that hit hard.. but making sure they aren’t badly edited, or poorly recorded withhiss.

VARIETY is the real secret to become a good producer.

Variety gives versatility when beatmaking.. never having to buy new sounds, because we already have them!

Sound Buying Guide (Quick Read)

Producers need two types of sounds..

Buying Drum Samples Guide:

Sound pack buying is changing, and I don’t like it.

The old school way is buying a high-quality sound pack containing 150-300 sounds like kicks, claps, snares, hi-hats, etc.

I really like this because everything is on your computer (no internet needed), and the workflow is super fast..

And the biggest point about the old school way..

It leaves room for mistakes as a producer.. very important as this can be how you find your best ideas.

The new way is buying one sound at a time.. but in my opinion, you waste A LOT of time searching for sounds.

The marketing is “you save money by only buying what you use”, but it takes away fast old school workflow..

To follow the old school way.. this drum sample bundle I like.

I use these sounds often in my beatmaking courses, as well as my own music!

Sounds for Melodies

We create melodies through Virtual Instruments..

We call these “presets” or “patches” when selecting different sounds such as pianos, guitars, or basslines for melodies.

These presets need to be designed for beatmaking.

Not all presets are good for making beats!!

If you use Serum, Sylenth1, or Pigments, view my shop:

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