The Hardest Part of Beatmaking Isn’t What You Think..

Learning how to make beats is really hard..

There’s two things you MUST learn:

Anyone can learn a music program.. But not everyone can learn beatmaking (at an outstanding skill level).. And making the music (beatmaking) is the ultimate outcome!

But.. there’s one thing that often gets overlooked..

Music Gear Makes All the Difference

Did you know music gear makes or breaks your experience?

Buy the wrong gear, and it totally ruins everything..

And videos online about “the best gear” are overwhelming..

Know what the best gear is?

It’s not the newest.. it’s not the most expensive..

It’s what WORKS.

Seriously, it could be $10, or $5,000… as long as it’s reliable.

I want to leave you with my Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats training.

This music gear training has the knowledge for what tools beatmakers actually need..

Again, this training is included in my COURSE PATHWAYS.

If you need help with beats, just contact me >>

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