A Proven System of Building Your Producer Brand..

Remember I told you when entering the music business you become an entrepreneur?

And.. what do you know about businesses?

It’s all about branding.

My Third Piece of Advice..

Creating a beat tape is a sure way to build your brand.

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So the main question is:
How to build a long-term music brand?

Well, my website is aimed at beatmakers..

So keep that in mind as I describe this situation.

Most beatmakers release single beats.. They just make 1 beat at a time and release it.. whether that’s on a website like SoundCloud, or on their Beatstore.

But.. these single beats often blend in with the crowd..

For this reason, I started my beat tape series.


It’s been the best choice for my music, for many reasons!

This allows me to become a real producer..

…Truly learning the skills of putting together an album.

(A beat tape requires more work, but becomes a marketing tool in the future!)

BONUS: It also creates your portfolio if you’re trying to find jobs in the audio industry!

Hear me out.. I’ve seen so many people come and go in this music industry.. meaning their business failed !

They start out strong, but burn out from poor planning..

Create a Beat Tape for Powerful BRANDING:

Finishing music is hard in itself..

To make the most of my time, I took the beat tape approach.

It’s been awesome!

Want to learn?

I created a course about releasing a beat tape: watch this free video from the course!

I also give you my BEAT TAPE checklist.

BEAT TAPE CHECKLIST - How to Release a Professional Beat Tape by GratuiTous

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