Establishing Your Brand for Long-Term Impact

No one wants to work hard and see little results..

But sadly.. this happens to most of us with music!

So.. how to make the most of our time?

My Second Piece of Advice..

Don’t try to make all your money in the music industry.

Hold on you say.. This is your passion.. making music full time, and doing what you want, right?

Well.. you see.. there’s a BIG problem here..

It’s money.

If you had money, you could buy a better studio and spend more time making music.. or hire professionals when needed to sound your absolute best..

You need to understand when entering the music industry, you become an entrepreneur…

And as they say.. most business fail because of poor planning!

So understand money gives you choice.

Choice is a very powerful word..

When I was an electrician.. I didn’t have many choices.. During the weekdays, I went to work from 7AM-3PM..

Weekends were my time (making music.. doing what I WANT).

How does this tie into doing music as a job?

Money is what fuels your life as a musician (producer)..

If you don’t have enough money coming in, things get very stressful.. which can cause very rushed decisions.

What was my second piece of advice to you? I’ll repeat it:

Don’t try to make all your money in the music industry.

Build Your Career First, Music Second

Learning music production and “making it in the music industry” doesn’t happen over night..

Since 2011 I’ve been trying to “make it” doing music..

It’s taken A LONG TIME to get here!

What did I do?

During my electrician years, I QUIT to try music full time..

A Big Electrical Switch (Maybe 600-1200amps!)

I only lasted two years before going back as an electrician to make consistent money to meet my goals of buying a home, and making enough money to do what I wanted.

I finished my schooling, got my electrician certification, and tried to save every penny.. this money became the fuel to launch my beatmaker training platform.

Because in the music industry, money comes and goes FAST.

Sometimes lots of money comes in, and things are great! .. but then things slow down.. opportunities change.. and suddenly that $1000/month deal turns into a $250/month deal..

You better hope you didn’t over extend your finances in these situations! (Credit card debt, etc.)

I only speak from experience here..

Build a real career first, then music on the side.. eventually if you get good enough and really work hard and plan.. you can find your own path (it’s not easy at all!).. but it’s your passion and goals which become your motivation!

Struggling to Make Your Music Professional?

My course pathways teaches people just like you how to make beats step-by-step at a professional level for all ages!

Instead of taking YEARS to learn.. it cuts down learning time..

When you’re a member, you can watch COURSE PATHWAYS at your own pace, at an affordable price!

If you have questions, just send me an email!

Talk to you in the next email!! 🙂

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