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Buying a Camera for Vlogging [Canon 80D]

Here’s the equipment talked about in the video:

Buying a camera for vlogging wasn’t just as simple as ‘buy a camera, and start filming!’ – I went through a couple trial and errors to get a decent quality I felt comfortable releasing on YouTube.

First is the actual camera itself. Does it have awesome autofocus? What kind of lens do you need? Also, does it have a flip out screen allowing to see yourself while vlogging?

If it does have a flip out screen, which way does it flip out? Up, to the side, down? Each have their pros and cons!

Next, price is always a factor! And then comes size/portability, and also battery life!

Another point is having a hot shoe to mount any accessories you’d like; external mic, external continuous lighting etc.

Be aware that many of these DSLRs have very poor preamps regarding your audio! What this means is when we talk into a microphone, the audio signal is very quiet (similar to when putting your ear up to the needle and a vinyl record). Because the audio is so quiet, we need to boost the volume volume to hear the audio properly.

The problem is, the electronics to boost this audio signal (pre-amps) inside the Canon 80D are quite poor, resulting in much background hiss/noise. A way to hide this is to play music in behind your vlog.. but it can only hide it so much!

You can also export your audio and use noise reduction, but this takes extra time from you, as well as space on your hard drive!

It gets a little complicated to get high quality video/audio just for a simple YouTube video hey?

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