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Build a Beat to an Acapella Pt. 1

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How to Remix a Song
(Different from this Acapella tutorial)

Making a beat behind an acapella isn’t the easiest task regarding audio production. There’s quite a few things to know, and if you’ve never worked with vocals before, it can be a big attempt you’re getting yourself into!

Why? – Because you’re now not only working with a beat. You’re working with a full production.

Here’s some Questions – Are your vocals in tune with the track? Does your vocal suite the actual beat you’re creating? Do you know about any mixing tips to make the vocal sit in the sweet spot of the track?

Also, there’s some foundational knowledge you have to know about the acapella’s them self.

  • What’s the Tempo of the Acapella?
  • What’s the Key of the Acappella?
  • What was the original note progression of the Acapella?

If you know the above information, your remix process will be THAT MUCH EASIER!

I have created a three part series on How to Create a Beat to an Acapella covering syncing your acapella to your beat, finding the tempo of an acapella, and building a beat to an Acapella.

Follow the three part video series by clicking the next button below:

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