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BLUESBAND – Hohner International – Harmonica

Beatstruggles - BLUESBAND Hohner International Harmonica (1)

My parents went on vacation to St. Lucia and brought me back a gift! — a harmonica!

What an awesome gift since I am all about creativity behind my music! I kept wanting to add this harmonica into one of my beats, so I finally decided to and turns out, it ended up on my CD! (GratuiTous – We’ve Only Just Met).

I play this in the song Brighter Days. It really brings a real powerful feeling to the song, a feeling that I haven’t had yet cause this was my first time putting a live instrument into one of my songs!

A harmonica is definitely a very unique instrument and is rarely ever heard in music, let alone beats. It requires your whole heart behind the instrument, cause if your not 100% “into” the song, you’ll definitely tell by the way the harmonica sounds. But when you do put that extra “ennfgh” into it, you can really hear the difference.

I haven’t had tons of experience with harmonicas, but this Bluesband harmonica has a very nice sound and brought an awesome uplifting presence to “Brighter Days”! I really like the harmonica, and love the creativity I am able to add with unique instruments!

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