I’ve talked about backing up your files A LOT on Beatstruggles.

In this quick write-up, I’d like to share what hard drive I use!

If you go to your local stores, you’ll see a higher price-tag for a 1 TB+ hard drive. But if you search on Amazon, I’m sure you’ve come across the Matsunichi brand!

But the question is, at the $50 price point for a 1 TB hard drive.. is the reliability and quality there? (Writing this as of Sept. 21, 2014.)

Matsunichi’s hard drives don’t come with software to backup your files. And personally, I find the software that comes with other hard drives quite annoying – I’d prefer to either backup myself (manual click and drag), or have a higher quality automated software do it like Acronis TrueImage.

Matsunichi 1 TB Hard Drive

The Matsunichi 1 TB hard drive comes just as a plain vanilla drive – meaning it’s just a drive, no files, no software. It’s fresh and ready to plug-and-play for you to use.

I currently cannot speak for reliability in terms of longevity, but so far, I’ve been very impressed with the results and price-point I’ve been able to obtain with it!

Matsunichi Hard Drive - Backing up

If I were to say one negative thing about this hard drive, it would be to increase the included USB 3.0 cable that they provide.

The cable is about 6-7″ long. It feels very rugged and looks great, but for myself.. the cable is a bit short.

However, it works exactly as intended, and is really my only negative about the product – and that’s just searching for negatives!


And surprisingly, the packaging was really tight, neat, and could even be considered a carrying case – in my opinion!

Matsunichi - Packaging

They even provided a nice yellow string on the foam for an easy pull out of the box:

Matsunichi - Packaging - Pull String

This hard drive offers nothing but good at its price point:

  • USB 3.0 for fast data transfer
  • FREE Shipping through Amazon!
  • Nice compact size for traveling
  • Feels pretty rugged for a hard drive!
  • A real nice shiny look
  • Price-point is hard to beat!

Check out the Matsunichi 1 TB hard drive here!

Yes, it is USB 3.0 for your fast data transfer speeds! – It’s an awesome performer at an awesome price!

Let me know if you have any questions about it!