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Beatmaking with GratuiTous Round 5

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    Welcome to Beatmaking with GratuiTous Round 5!

    As I mentioned in Volume 4, I was going to start with the drums in Round 5, instead of starting with the instruments.

    So I did just that! – I also wanted to make a dance track for two reasons.

    First, I thought making a dance track would be a nice little change up. Second, I wanted to show you how simple a dance drum loop is, plus show how to create a bass line with your root notes.

    This drum loop wasn’t anything too special, but when we got into the parallel processing, you could definitely hear the impact it had into the background of the drum loop.

    Sometimes loops can sound dry, and sound like something is missing, but because of the delay on the manually made send, it added a bit of randomness, which I pushed into the background, so it sounded like more was going on.

    And that was pretty much it for the drum loop! – Simple, but did the trick for this beat.

    Also keep in mind about the IN and OUT knobs in FL Studio. I do use these very often on my claps/snares to fine-tune the sound’s intro/tail to my exact liking. I also use the IN and OUT knobs on hats, cymbals, sometimes even kick drums or 808’s!

    If you’re wondering about how I make my percussion loops, I don’t think I can explain much to that. I have a general idea of where I know the percussion hit will sound half-decent, but until I listen to the percussion loop in the beat, I may think.. “Ah, let’s try and move some of these sounds around in the sequencer”. And then from there, I will adjust accordingly.

    Also depending on the beat, I may create 2 percussion loops. I will sometimes route them to that same parallel channel for the cool background effects, or create separate ones for each. (As you can see, it’s all about trying things out – that’s the fun thing with music! – Try sending both into one send to see the results, if you don’t like it, make your own!)

    Powerful Progressions Make Powerful Music

    I feel powerful progressions take me the longest while creating my beats. They are the foundation of your music, in my opinion. I also don’t like to create music with the same progressions over and over, so that’s another reason for the length of time it takes me.

    By progression, I mean what are your bassline notes? – This is what solidifies a song.

    Sometimes you can just use two notes. Many times I tend to use at least four, just for the sake of change-up throughout the song.

    There are also times where I will use four notes on the first bar, but when the second bar comes around, I will change the last two notes, for again, allowing for change-up in the song.

    I didn’t touch on mixing much in this video, but you may find the How to Make a Song tutorial quite helpful to get you started!

    FL Studio Shortcuts

    So in this tutorial, I tried to talk my way through everything. That way, you don’t get left behind on how did he do that shortcut? etc.

    So here’s a little list of the shortcuts I did in this video:

    1. CTRL + X – This allows you to cut the MIDI notes instead of copy. It still copies, but saves a step from having to copy, then delete. Cutting does both in one 🙂
    2. F2 – F2 is such a helpful shortcut. It allows for instant name changing, plus if you hit F2 again while the text window is open, it changes random colors for you!
    3. Choose BAR when Arranging – This isn’t as much a shortcut as just a trick for a fast work flow. You can find this in the horse show/magnet icon. (Other known as Snap).
    4. Hold SHIFT + left click and HOLD – Do this in the playlist, after you’ve copied your loops. This will allow you to quickly duplicate your loops, making a very quick arrangement flow.

    Resources from the Video

    If you’d like to check out these other tutorials I mentioned throughout the video, here are the links:

    1. IN and OUT Knob Tutorial
    2. Create an FL Studio Template
    3. Sidechain Compression Series
    4. Creating Subgroups + Parallel Processing – (A must learn!)

    So if there’s anything you want further information on, all you have to do is just comment below 😉 .

    Watch other Beatmaking with GratuiTous Volumes,

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    Written by GratuiTous

    GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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