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Beatmaking With GratuiTous Round 2

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Learn as GratuiTous Makes a Beat!

Hey guys, round 2 of beatmaking with GratuiTous.

This beatmaking video is focusing on Sounds IN HD sound pack HIGH IMPACT, read the review here! 5/5! You can also get a discount on high impact here!

Let’s Get Started!

So, when it comes time to make a beat, I don’t have a “routine”. Some people always start with their drums, others start with their instruments! Everyone’s got their own style! Do what feels comfortable, but not too comfortable otherwise you will be in a routine and not allow your creativity to flow if you always do things the same way.

Do Sounds Really Make a Difference?

A really important part of making quality sounding beats is quality sounds. It’s just a must.

Weak Sounds Vs. WOW SOUNDS,

When I first started up I was downloading kits from warbeats.com. This is great to get started up and learn what your program does, how beats get made etc, but as I started to improve and bought a few kits, I noticed the difference in the quality of the sounds, and my inspiration to create beats.

After purchasing the high quality kits from company’s like SoundPackFlyer.com, and TheProducersChoice.com, I went through my sounds and deleted the lower quality kits I had. One bad thing to deleting sounds is when you open up an older beat, you will now have missing sounds. But there’s two ways around this.

One, don’t use poor quality kits, and two, backup your beats if you feel the beats are worth keeping!

Start Off with Good Sounds to Avoid MISSING SOUNDS!

The reason for the story above is get good sounds now, cause when you go back to those older beats and if you deleted the sounds, guess what? You have a beat that’s missing the sounds you put in. So check out the reviews to see companies I would recommend! Or, check out Beatstruggles sister company, SoundPackFlyer.com.

Continuing On, After Good Sounds,

As I said in the last beatmaking post, the little things are many times the most “catchy”, or that stands out the most in the beat!

Example, panning a perc to the right speaker every once in awhile, or have an instrument pan left to right throughout the loop, or even velocity change (which is HUGE!). In this round of Beatmaking With GratuiTous, when the PAD is playing, do you guys notice that perc playing on the right, left, right, left? I personally find this very catchy! So always pay attention to the little details! (Velocities, panning, maybe even a little reverse of the sound ;)).

How Pro are Your Piano Skills?

Take your piano skills to the next level with Piano Lessons with GratuiTous!

Another thing to point out is piano skills. In order to create those beautiful piano pieces, and understand how keys and scales work, learning piano is very important. This is not just for beautiful piano pieces, knowing the piano, and how scales work, allows for some major improvisation while making your beat, or when you get beat stuck (beat-block), knowing what notes will at least sound good, will help you bang out a loop much quicker.

Once you know what notes are within a scale, it’s just a matter of playing a loop that fully suites the feel you are going for with different velocity, note timings, how many notes held down at the same time etc, as you can get away with a bunch of different stles of loops, as you know the notes that will sound fine in there!

Take my Piano Skills to the NEXT LEVEL PLEASE!

Well first, you can check out my Piano Lessons with GratuiTous series!

Next, you can Google Piano Scale Helper. Check out the C Major scale to understand which keys are in that scale, then work your way to D major. After that, head over to minor and just browse to get an idea. For example, click on C, in scale hit major and you will see those notes are in C (No Black Notes). Now on those piano scales for minor, you will want “Pure Minor” not just minor!

How Arrangement Can Effect a Beat’s Impact / Feeling,

A thing that I did not do in this beat video is have bring-ins. This is a super important part of a beat because you are literally painting an image for your listener, letting them know either something big is coming in, or the beat is going to slow down for a second. Bring-ins are very important, without them, your song/beat has too quick of transitions and leaves a listener confused, rather than enjoyment, while listening to your song!.

Can You Give a Few Examples of Bring-ins / Transitions?

A couple examples would be a reverse cymbal before the chorus, white noise to slow down the beat with a low/high pass cut off filter (google “White Noise Filter” to learn more), or even the super original snare roll! lol.

I’ve been asked how do I cram so many instruments and melodies into one beat. My answer — “I allow the Holy Spirit to work through these fingers to advance His Kingdom”. Yes I practice piano, but my beats turn out sometimes and I’m like wow how did I even think of that? But my next thought is always, thanks-You Jesus ;).

So this beat was a bit of a simpler beat. Not as many instruments, more of a kick/percussion kind of beat, but I sure love that chorus; really uplifting and epic! Be on the look out for some new tutorials comin’ your guys way to help improve your beats! — GratuiTous

Watch other Beatmaking with GratuiTous Volumes,

To watch the other volumes, simply click next to go forward, or previous to go back a volume!

Written by GratuiTous

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