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Beat Tape Marketing

So, you’ve overcome the beginning stages of production. You now feel you’re productions are starting to get hot.

You’ve started up a beat store, and have sold the odd beat here and there! However.. your brand isn’t growing as fast as you’d like. How do you push your brand further?

Create a Beat Tape of Your Favorite Beats,

There’s always forums, and other social ways to push your brand further, but this is a lot of hard work typing away, answering other people’s questions.

I stumbled upon the idea to give out free beat tapes for the sake of growing my producer name.

Instead of just marketing one beat, you market that whole beat tape. It gives that extra edge to get people downloading your music. As well as give them a better selection of what you’re capable of as a producer.

And make sure to select your best and favorite beats. Yes, you’re giving it away for free, but if you’re a good producer, you should be able to create more good beats! – This is a form of branding, and you want your listeners to hear the best you’ve got right?

And it just doesn’t stop there. Instead of creating just one beat tape, you can make it into an on-going series, which always gives you something to work towards, and hand out to your fan-base!

Beat Tape Preparation Before Release:

Here’s some tips that I strongly suggest you do before you release your beat tape:

You can also try to sell these beat tapes at a discounted price in compared to a single beat sold.. however, the whole idea of this “free beat tape marketing” is to just get your name out there! – Let people download it, and if you’re beats are hot, let them do the talking for you!

Taking it to the next level – Why not try to build relationships with those who download your beat tapes using NoiseTrade?

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