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Bass Master VST by Loopmasters – REVIEW

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Bass Master Product Page – A super quick and efficient way to create your bass lines.  Allows for tons of control to get the perfect bass line.

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A Super Fast Way to Get The Perfect Bass Line.

Bass Master by Loopmasters is an awesome and simple to use plugin which was designed for creating the perfect bass line.

It works by using a top layer and sub layer, and you use the mixer to blend in-between these two wave forms to get the prefect blend.

Bass Master allows for a lot of control over molding a sound to get it exactly as you want through it’s Volume Envelope (ADSR) control on the top layer, choosing different octaves on the sub layer, or routing the sub layer to direct out.

Direct out is a very powerful feature which allows your bass to sit tight in the mix, while being able to route the top layer through the effects and filter how ever aggressive you’d like!

The plugin itself took me a bit of time to learn via the user manual, but after understanding the layout and mindset of the plugin, I caught on really quick.

My favorite part about this plugin is probably the MASTER FX, where you can meticulously fine-tune your bass line’s frequency response to get it sitting EXACTLY how you’d like in the mix.  I find myself using this to perfect my bass line’s placement as I was dabbling around with Bass Master.

Would Like to See from Bass Master

Some personal preferences I’d like to see from the Bass Master plugin:

  • A Limiter / Compressor FX – It’s usually nice to apply some dynamics directly onto the sound within the plugin itself to mold that perfect bass line.
  • Polyphony – As a producer, I’d like the ability to play chords with this plugin in the high-end.  If a button was added in an update allowing multiple notes to be played at the same time, I think this plugin could really allow for tons of creativity!
  • Industry Standard Shortcuts – This is not to say Bass Master’s mouse / keyboard shortcuts are wrong.  It’d just be nice to see an industry standard from all VST vendors when it comes to resetting, fine-tuning, and adding numbers by double clicking on a knob for your parameters.


I really like Bass Master and it’s faster workflow it gives us producers.

After learning how the plugin works, I’m sure you’ll be able to get some awesome bass lines with the wave forms and tools they’ve provided you in this easy-to-use plugin.

View the Bass Master product page @


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