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Bad Experience with

The last time I purchased from is the last time I will ever buy from there again. I bought packs called Dre-mendous Drumz 3, and Telephone Drumz 2. When it came to organization, every sound was so unorganized it left you guessing what each sound was. So I went through the sounds organizing them myself and labeling them, and over a 1/4 of the sounds were literally unusable. They had glitch sounds, clipping sounds, clicking sounds, all the bad background noise you can think of. Left me literally throwing away my money.

So after organizing through all the sounds of Dre-mendous Drumz 3 and Telephone Drumz 2, I decided to complain. They did have very good customer support by giving me a free sound pack, called Klub Klapz 1, which was also a horrible pack, but it did come organized. Then they kept sending me e-mails about discounted prices and also if I advertise for them they will give me more free sound packs. This made me feel like they were feeling guilty cause of the poor quality of their sound packs.

So I will never buy from again, except I will recommend their Supreme Snarez 1. The snares are really good, labeled with different genres/styles, and there is lots to choose from.

Last Minute Thoughts, does have good customer service, but these 2 sound packs were the worst sound packs I have ever bought. Filled with weird background noise and very weak sounds. I can’t believe these are for sale.

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