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M-Audio Axiom 49 2nd Gen FL Set Up

Setting up the Axiom 49 in FL Studio,

This video will show you how to set up the Axiom 49 (2nd) Gen’s play, start, stop etc. in FL studio.

FL Studio - F10 - Controller Type

Now, if you hit F10, click on your MIDI Controller, and select M-Audio Oxygen 49/61 (depending on what version of keyboard you have) as your Controller Type. This should set up the play, stop, record etc on your Axiom very quickly!

Do I Need Enigma with the Axiom 49 2nd Generation?

Axiom 49 (2nd Gen) Top

You do not need enigma anymore for the 2nd generation of Axiom. This was only required for the first generation of the Axiom.

Read the post, Do I Need to Use Enigma with an Axiom 49 (2nd Generation)? For further details.

Just plug in your Axiom, install the drivers off the company’s website, and you should be good to go! Don’t forget to change the controller type!

Also, as the Axiom provides sliders, they aren’t motorized. This makes it a bit hard to mix while switching through different faders.

If you are looking for “real hands-on mixing” in FL Studio with motorized faders, check out the Mackie Control.

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