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Automation Clips (Tips and Suggestions)

Tricks to Using Automation Clips in FL Studio,

Automation Clip (Tips & Suggestions!)

Automation clips can be a bit tricky to get good with in FL Studio, especially if you’re just starting up.

FL Studio, at times, makes things difficult for the end user, compared to other DAWs. While creating automation clips, you have to create a point by right-clicking, then drag it where you want. Some other DAWs, like Pro Tools, allow for VERY easy automation clip editing. But FL Studio is quickly improving all the time, so you never know what will happen in their updates ;).

Nonetheless, this video may get everyone questioning how they use their own automation clips inside FL Studio.

Remember, automation clips are not just for volume/gain, they can be used on EQ’s, effects, etc. Pretty much with any plugin, you are able to create automation clips.

Gain Plugins with Automation Clips,

I’ve come to realize, using a gain plugin, such as the Fruity Limiter, allows for VERY EASY automation clip editing in FL Studio. By creating an automation clip with a plugin, it allows your main fader to be untouched, allowing 100% control over your instrument, and automation clip.

Keep in mind, if you have the gain plugin first, and then have effects after, you are changing the volume going into those plugins, and in other words, changing how much those effects are processing the sound. So to keep the sound exactly how you’ve processed it, and just turn down the volume, make sure to put the gain plugin AFTER all your other plugins on that instrument’s mixer track.

For more info on the order your plugins are in, check out Mixer Channel Effects Arrangement !

Duplicate Your Track Instead of Automate?

Duplicating then Make Unique, is also a nice little trick! This allows you to have total control over the new pattern. You can now place this instrument at different parts of the song, and change what ever you want with it — Most easiest would be the volume on the sequencer, but when it comes to changing EQ etc, it would probably be best to clone the track, copy and paste the MIDI notes, and change it how you’d like.

High Pass, and Low Pass Automation Filters,

One of the most epic, rushing sounds come from these high, and low-pass, filters. It cuts the sound out to epicness, then according to how you have the automation clip set, rushes back in to a big chorus, or verse!

Automation Clips — Third Party Plugins

Again, how FL Studio works, they make it a bit difficult on the end-user, however, there’s always work arounds.

When using a plugin, that does not come with FL Studio, other known as a third-party plugin, it’s not as easy as just right click, and create automation clip.

I have included a video showing how to create automation clips on these third party plugins. (It’s an older video when Beatstruggles.com started up, but it will sure do the job! ;)).

Check out more tutorials by Beatstruggles!

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