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Are the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Semi-Weighted Piano Keys Good?

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - Semi-Weighted Keys

Yes, the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Keys are nice.

M-Audio describes the Oxygen Pro piano keys as “best-in-class”, which I do agree with. They are full size, and allow you to get great emotion out of them.

Below I share a small part from my M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 review.

View my full M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Review.

Is the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Good for FL Studio?

Yes, FL Studio is the only DAW I use, and I purposely picked the Oxygen Pro 49 because of its features, and semi-weighted keys.

I personally suggest a minimum 49 key MIDI Keyboard for the best experience to be able to play the piano.

It was tricky to set up, but my M-Audio Oxygen Pro review shows you everything you need to know to install it, and get up and running.

One feature of a MIDI Keyboard that I truly think is worth the extra money is buying semi-weighted keys.

It really makes the difference over cheap “synth-type” piano keys, and lack deeper emotion.

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