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Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 1 – REVIEW

Some of the Hardest Hip-Hop Drums to DATE!

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The Thickest, Deepest, Dirtiest Hip-Hop Drums,

The kicks inside the Anno Domini Drum Sample Collection are so nice. They really punch through your beats just by them self. Many times I’ve had kicks where it muds up the bass line etc. But these kicks keep it clean and stand out very nice.

They are so thick and beefy, these are sure to bring your beats up to another level! The kit is loaded with kicks, full of different varieties, and again, so thick and beefy!

The kicks not only suite hip-hop, but for me as a producer, I create more uplifting, dancey kind of beats. These kicks are very versatile and suite pretty much anything!

Anno Domini Claps and Snares,

Anno Domini’s claps and snares also bring a very powerful presence. They are strong, and hit hard. If you are looking for real powerful claps/snares, there is a variety to choose from inside this pack.

Their sound design towards claps/snares is really aggressive, hard hitting, hard-bodied, and layered with reverb.

Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 1 — Final Thoughts,

This whole kit is pretty nice. The hats are real nice to work with, especially the open hats, I find myself using them very often! The open hats really add a nice fill/percussion sound to my beats for sure.

Additions to the Next Anno Domini Drum Collection?

The only thing this kit is missing is percussion and weird sound hits (SFX). Having these sounds always makes for quick beatmaking.

But besides the SFX, it has all the foundation sounds to get you started. In my music I love adding in the percussion and making some crazy percussion loops, and yes this kit does not provide any cool percussion one-hit sounds, but I have tons of other kits for that. This Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 1 is something special, and should definitely be in your sounds!

The kicks alone are the reason I bought this pack.

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