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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Affiliate Commissions

Standard rates are:

  • 60% on GratuiTous’ products (30% commission on recurring payments)
  • 25% on third-party products

Note, YEARLY MEMBERSHIPS are 50% for the initial subscription purchase, then 30% recurring. LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP offer is 25% commission.

GratuiTous reserves the right to change commissions, but must give 3 months notice.

Sales Window (COOKIES)

This program applies a 90-day cookie to capture your referred sale.

Excluded Products from Program

Products not included in the affiliate program will be listed here. If an old product is to be included as an excluded product, GratuiTous must give 3 months notice prior to that product’s exclusion of this affiliate program.

You are allowed to share the program on your blog, social media, videos, and your email list.

You are not allowed to keyboard bid on the brand name GratuiTous.  Additionally, the term “GratuiTous” should be excluded as a negative keyword search term.

Some common terms you could use for promotion are “FL Studio Courses”, “FL Studio Instructor”, “FL Studio Teacher”, “FL Studio Online Tutorials”, etc.

Account Termination

If your affiliate account fails to bring in a sale in 90 days, GratuiTous reserves the right to close down your account.  All earnings will be paid out if over $25.

If there is just cause, GratuiTous reserves the right to terminate your affiliate account, without notice, as permitted by law.

Last Updated September 30, 2021

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