This is the second volume of Acoustic Blends. The creators of the pack are “Sounds in HD” who teamed up with “TheProducersChoice” to create the “SOUND IN HD – COMPLETE BUNDLE”. If you buy the complete bundle, you end up saving a fair amount of money!

My favorite kit out of the Collection is Sounds in HD Vol. 1. (Read review)

The sounds from Sounds in HD are always loud, clean, and usually never have static/horrible background noise.

The kicks are 50/50 in this kit.  Some kicks hit amazingly hard, like wow hard.  But then there are a couple bad apples in the bunch, meaning they don’t hit AS HARD, but they still let you know they are there in the beat!

The nice thing about the kicks in  Acoustic Blends Vol. 2 is that they have a bunch of variation in not only how they sound, but the length behind the kick, which is very nice to have, allowing you to create a bassier drum loop because of the longer tailed kick.

In this kit you get:

  • 40 Kicks
  • 40 Claps
  • 41 Snares
  • 32 Percs
  • 15 Cymbals/Crashes
  • 11 Toms
  • 23 Hats

As for the claps.. they are pretty cool!  If you are looking for those unique slow, hard crunchy claps, this kit is full of them.  During and after the clap hits, SoundsInHD has really added some cool percussion/background noise behind the claps!  Really cool claps in this kit.  Would definitely make your beats have a more “gangster” edge to them.

Now for the crashes,

The first 2 are very unique giving a cool filtered effect.  The reverses are cool too, having a panned effect to them.  A few real cool cymbal effects in this kit!

The hats are real sounding, this gives a cool effect in one of those hip-hop beats where there is a lot of swing and the kicks carry the beat with the hats.


Try using the swing feature in FL Studio every once in awhile to really bring a different vibe to your beats.  Instead of just that 1,2,3,4 the swing sometimes just naturally gets your head “swinging” or bobbing that little extra


The percs are nice, a lot of change up in the sounds, and as I said before, Sounds in HD always has nice clear sounds.  I could really make some cool percussion loops with these sounds, really unique!

**The best part of this kit**

The last 3 toms in this kit are unreal!  They give that unreal epic effect, especially on a bring-in/intro.  These toms have added real power to my arsenal!


The whole “Acoustic Blends” I was super unhappy with, especially for the price.  I would not recommend the kit, but the toms are very nice.  Again, if I didn’t receive it in the Sounds in HD Collection, I would be very unhappy with the purchase.

However, a few of the sounds are phenomenal, and I have personally used them on my albums.

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