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How to Select the Right Plugins as a Producer

Choosing the right sounds and plugins as a producer makes all the difference.. make sure you select the right ones.


SPARE STATE in FL Studio Plugins [FL Wrapper]

You definitely want to use SPARE STATE in FL Studio when using plugins like compressors and EQs to make the best mixing decisions. It allows you to do A/B Comparison, and it’s important you have a FAIR LEVEL COMPARISON as well!

MIDI Keyboard

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Review

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Review for FL Studio has good semi-weighted keys, and great compatibility with my free FL Studio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script.


Why You Need to Use Filters While Beatmaking

Filters are a secret tool of the world’s best music producers.. are you using them in your beats effectively?


Automating Swing

Automation in FL Studio is commonly used for EQ filters, or blending more/less of an effect in at certain times. But something I’ve never automated before, is swing. In this

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Music Production
Made Simple [Podcast]

#003 – Gear and Tools Required as a Producer

Music production gear has truly become affordable!

It’s important you purchase the right gear right from the start. Not only to save money, but also for enjoyment. If you have the right gear that suits you and your workflow, it will motivate you to continue to practice music production, and break pass that point to truly excel in this craft!

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Petr K
Sound Design Basics 101 Course
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Thanks a lot for this course. I was quite curious about this topic for a while but never tried to learn more about it. I have Vital now so I wanted to be able to take advantage of it. I have been going along and even trying to make and save my own sounds eventually (-:
Dennis L Rodriguez
FL Studio 20 Beginner Course
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So much great information on how to properly set up FL on the CPU.
Piano Lessons for Producers Course
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It's a good course if you really want to save time knowing what you need to create digital music. It's kinda like the guitar approach learn the chords, add some melody in the scale and you're done. The course is very good. Riley explains it quite well. Would be nice to have a bit more specific exercises in the future courses to target more specific areas. Overall I'd say get it if you want to get up to speed with creating chord progressions, getting to know a bit how it all goes to beatmaking.
Kyli Santiago
Essential Gear Needed To Make Beats Course
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This class was a great introduction to the gear needed for producing. The instructor gave a lot of great suggestions and things for beginners to look out for when getting started. He is really focused on a minimalist "in the box" producing style - which is my goal. I really enjoyed the class!
Ivan Islentiev
FL Studio 20 Beginner Course
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Very nicely put, good point made, everything feels like i have already heard and understand in seconds even though i never heard of the terminology.
K Ward
FL Studio 20 Beginner Course
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The course is a step by step process on the workflow of the DAW. In comparison to many of the youtube videos, the instructor takes the time to move slow and discuss every aspect of working in FL Studio. For instance, the cut copy and paste was frustrating to watch on some of the online tutorials. The course took the time to explain the different ways to do it. Definitely worth every penny.
Sound Design Basics 101 Course
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This is not my first course of GratuiTous so I know that this course is going to be great and yes it is! I learned so many things. Completely for beginner. Now i got a better understanding of Oscillators, Envelopes and Filters and i want to know more about sound designing. I hope in future you'll make more courses on sound designing. You keep it clear and simple. Loved to learn from you!
Mario Mercadante
Music Theory and Chords for Beatmakers and Producers Course
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I'm in a band and I've never got thought music theory and this helped a lot!!!
10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Producer Course
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Great instructor i learned so much about fl studio i didn't know.... now i can go back to making beats with some new techniques
Stan Muller
Sound Design Basics 101 Course
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As always, Riley keeps it simple and to the point so you can get up and running quickly.
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