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808 Drums by SoundsInHD – REVIEW

These 808’s Mean MORE than Business!

I’ve always been on a hunt for good 808’s, and finally, when I heard SoundsinHD was putting together an 808 kit, I got really excited. When going through the kit, it was exactly as expected; supreme quality, meticulously organized, and full of absolute variety, with that SoundsinHD sound-design touch!

So, before we go any further, if you haven’t heard of yet, it’s Beatstruggles sister company. What’s that mean?

That means Beatstruggles gets you beefy DISCOUNTS on kits, such as 808 Drums by SoundsinHD! Check out the sale page, or a bundle it’s in, called Cream of the Crop!

Do You Like Bass?

So before you read this review, I got a few questions for you.

Do you like quality sounds?
What about UNBELIEVABLY Bassy Kicks?
Okay, 1 more..
What about affordable, powerful, crisp, lots of variety, UNIQUE, handcrafted sounds?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, you’ll love 808 Drums by SoundsinHD!

So, What’s All in the Kit?

  • 458 Sounds TOTAL!
  • 163 Classic TR808 Samples (Including Trap HiHat Loops)
  • TR808 BassDrums Pitched from A to G# (60 Samples)
  • 84 Layered Bass Drum, Snare Drum & Clap Samples
  • 41 Distorted BDs and FX
  • 87 Perfect Looping 808BDs for Trap & Urban Production
  • 24 Pitched Timpani Samples A to G#

The 808’s are SUPERB!

The kick drums are awesome, real unique and powerful by themselves.

SoundsinHD has organized the sounds into folders exceptionally well. The folders go as follows, Classic, Layered, and Pitched&Generated.

Within these folders, they have included tuned 808’s. Tuned 808’s? Yes! They have labeled them according to note, so therefore, you can use an 808 knowing it’s in tune with your track. This is HUGE, and very important; very nice addition.

They’ve also provided 808’s without the beginning impulse, this is cool for just adding thick basslines in behind your track.

Sampled Right out of a Roland TR-808!

Keep in mind, for the other samples, such as claps, snares, percussion etc, they are sampled out of a TR-808.. so therefore the claps, snares, percussion etc, isn’t going to be up to their standard, but it is expected as it’s an 808 kit. However, the one-hit snares/claps/percussion sounds still provided a lot of use, as you can hear in the audio demos above!

SoundsInHD really put a lot of effort into how they organized the sounds. This makes it so easy to pull out the sound you want, KNOWING where it is!

Trap 808 Drums — Where to Find Them?

This kit is not full of those low distorted 808’s like you’ll hear in modern trap, these are original thick analog 808’s providing huge coverage on the genre. They will suite most genres, and you can also apply a distion plugin to the 808, to help it get to that low distorted 808 trap sound.

Pitched&Generated would be the folder you are looking at for trap purposes probably ;).


Superb, over and above, high quality sounds right here.

I am exceptionally pleased with this kit, well done SoundsInHD. There are not many sound designers out there like them. I guess you could call their company a diamond in the ruff!

Need Quality Kits?

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808 Drums by SoundsinHD at Discount

Cream of the Crop (808 Drums is Featured in the Bundle)

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