5 Keys – Email #2
Finding Accurate Information

Here’s another 5 Keys chapter read to you!

Did you know videos can waste time?

Here’s an example…

You’re trying to find an answer to a beatmaking technique.. it takes you 4-5 videos to finally find the information..

During this time of switching videos, and typing new search terms.. is where you get distracted, and waste A LOT OF TIME.

This is why going to the SOURCE for your information speeds you up, and allows you truly see results and brings you one-step closer to finding your own sound as a producer!

The Help Manual is #1!

FL Studio’s help manual is one of the BEST I’ve ever read.

  1. Hit F1 on an FL Studio window to open the help manual.
  2. Use the Image Hotspots to quickly navigate the manual.
  3. Use CTRL + F to type a search time! (It’s so fast!)

The Challenge is What Makes it Fun

Making music from scratch is hard.

Once you get passed your first few months (which are really hard), things start getting super fun.

Listening to your own beats is one of life’s greatest rewards..

And.. not everyone can do it!

My beatmaker platform teaches step-by-step how to program your own melodies and create your own drum loops..

This approach is the most rewarding feeling!

It keeps you coming back to make music with a burning passion, and you can truly be proud that YOU MADE THE BEAT.

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