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#019 – How to Sample Beats in FL Studio

Video Resources

  • Sample Your Own Music course – I break down how to sample your own music and different techniques to make it sound better 🙂
  • Get the .FLP – Support me on Patreon and get the .FLP to play around.

In this tutorial of our FL Studio Beginner’s Series, we’re going to be covering how to sample in FL Studio.

Sampling is a huge part of our musical heritage as a producer.

From people getting sued to creating some of the catchiest music out there, it has brought on a new form of music.

I give you a quick overview of sampling, what to look out for, as well as have a little show and tell moment explaining you can actually sample anything!

Again, I have created a premium course on how to Sample Your Own Music which breaks sampling your own music and avoiding copyright issues!

What We Cover:

  • What is Sampling
  • A Little History on Sampling and Lawsuits
  • Show and Tell of the Pink Panther Souviner 🙂
  • How to Avoid Copyright Issues when Sampling
  • How to Sample your Own Music!

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