This is a two-part series, make sure to watch both videos below!

The first video covers a slideshow overview of what mastering is and common techniques within the industry.

The second video covers how I actually set up a DAW session for mastering a song. (You get to see my mastering chain, workflow, etc.)

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Moving on to #018 in our FL Studio Beginner’s Series!

In this video, we are covering how to master a beat in fl studio 12.

Mastering beats is a very complex subject. So when you see all these YouTube videos about how to master beats in fl studio, you best be sure they probably aren’t reading the nitty-gritty of what you’d get from a professional mastering engineer.

And by no means am I a professional currently, but I break down in this video what mastering is, how the loudness wars have happened over the years, how the loudness wars are being remedied, and how to set yourself up for a super easy and balanced master if you’re mastering multiple tracks.

What We Cover:

  • What is Audio Mastering?
  • The Difference Between Mixing and Mastering.
  • Why Hiring a Mastering Engineer Could Be Your Best Option.
  • Using Reference Tracks while Mastering.
  • Should You Master in the Same File you Mixed in?
  • How to Measure Loudness with LUFS (Youlean Loudness Meter – FREE!)
  • The Loudness Wars, How they Came to Be, and How They’re Being Fixed!
  • A Basic Overview of my Mastering Chain.
  • How to Achieve Loudness and Clarity in your Master.
  • What Export Settings You Should Use when Exporting a Master.

This tutorial on mastering your music took me a bit to plan and think about.

I’ve tried to give you some overall coverage on the subject… but in all honesty, even after I’ve uploaded the videos, there’s still more to mastering which I didn’t even touch on in this tutorial.

Anyways, I hope it opens your eyes to a general overview of mastering, and get you on your way 😉

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