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In this video of our FL Studio Beginner’s Series, we’re going to be checking out how to prepare to mix your beat in FL Studio.

The difference between mixing beats professionally and that amateur sound really comes down to knowledge and experience.

This will only take time the more you practice mixing instrumentals or songs, and you will get better the more you try!

We have another slideshow overview in this video specifically on mindset, knowledge, and workflow.

What We Cover:

  • Preparing Your Mixing Workflow Ahead of Time
  • Mindset, Mixing Fundamentals, and Knowing How to Test Your Mix
  • Being Aware of Current Loudness Standards with Loudness Normalization (LUFS)
  • Where to Actually Start Mixing (Arrangement, Volume, and Effects like EQ + Compression)
  • And once again, Audio Painting where I discuss this further in my course – All About Filters.
  • Some More Advanced Mixing Techniques

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