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#013 – How to Use Automation Clips in FL Studio 12

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    In this video of our FL Studio Beginner’s Series, we cover how to use automation clips in FL Studio 12.

    Automation is a really powerful concept to understand as it allows you to automatically control volume, create really cool effects, and add major movement to your songs!

    What We Cover:

    • How to create an automation clip in FL Studio 12
    • How to use automation clips in FL Studio
    • Popular examples of using automation clips in real-world pratice
    • How to delete automation clips, as well as reset and manage them!
    • Using the Min and Max knobs in the automation settings + copy and paste one automation clip to another in FL Studio 12.

    For the whole series, you can join:
    FL Studio Beginner’s Series.

    Written by GratuiTous

    GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

    He has TONS of FL Studio content to get you learning.. see below!

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