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#007 – Using the Step Sequencer in FL Studio 12

Video Resources

  • Create an FL Studio Template – Trust me, this will speed up your workflow tremendously. (It will also be something you adjust over your years. As you continue to produce, you find you work a certain way, and you tweak your template to suite your workflow.)
  • Safe Spots [EBook] – This EBook discusses Safe Spots.
  • Safe Spots [Video Course] – The course is called Foundational Drum Loop Basics where I further discuss Safe Spots and show you how to actually use them. In addition, I show you many ways to give your drum loops way more flavor and engagement.
  • Serum VST – I enjoy Serum as a plugin. If you were to buy one VST, I think this is a great place to start for both beginner and advanced producers.

Getting into some real meat in our FL Studio Beginner’s Series in this video!

What We Cover:

  • An introduction to an FL Studio Template (and why they’re important)
  • Bringing your attention to my term Safe Spots which make drum programming a lot easier
  • How I personally set up my step sequencer in terms of organization and colors
  • Showing my fast workflow with the number pad to rapidly switch between patterns
  • What swing is and how to have full control of it in FL Studio 12
  • Breaking down your patterns for easier song arrangement in your playlist

I specifically show things in a certain order because I feel it is easier to digest for those who are very new and watch the whole video through.

Missed Additional Tip!

(As I was watching the video through, I thought I didn’t show how to move individual sounds around!)

One additional tip I didn’t mention was how to move individual or groups of sounds up and down in the step sequencer.

You can simply highlight how many sounds you want, and then press ALT + UP or DOWN.

That way you can keep all similar sounds grouped together and colored accordingly.

As I mentioned for how I typically place my sounds:

  • I have all my instruments at the top of the step sequencer.
  • I then place my drums
  • Then my claps/snares
  • Percussion hits (sometimes I have two different percussion loops.)
  • Closed Hi-Hats
  • Open Hi-Hats (if I end up using them in my beat.)
  • And typically my audio files I store at the bottom of the step sequencer (as I usually add those in last for additional picture painting.)

Hope these videos have been helping!

Any comments and questions strongly encourage me! It lets me know you’re engaged and the videos are helping 🙂

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